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2014-09-12 01:47:17 by Noiz-EProductions

Shit sucks, dude

Make me

I am gonna fuckin regret this


2014-02-08 15:59:13 by Noiz-EProductions

I'm sick

I'm a sick bitch

Do things

2014-02-05 09:14:56 by Noiz-EProductions

Nah. Shut up. Too depressed and tired.

I just bothered to check if the settings for my tv had options for a higher resolution.
You bet your ass it did.

If you actually want to stay updated on what I'm doing or look up some of my older stuff than I highly recommend that you check out my DA. I don't know, I'm just more active there than here.

Alright, so I just recently got more serious about animating. So this account is now officially active once more. Wish me luck on my future adventures, lads. c:

Madness Day 2012

2012-09-10 01:31:38 by Noiz-EProductions

SO! Who else id doing something? I figured I might as well since I've never uploaded anything quality to my Newgrounds account. Maybe I should start, huh? :\ Btw, here's a screenshot of what I'm working on.

Whassup guyzzzzz.....

2012-05-26 02:28:32 by Noiz-EProductions

Well, I haven't used newgrounds. Just letting ya know that I'm working on one madness and two fullbody animations. I'll finally be posting again. But like anybody gives a fuck anyway. XD